Snake Skin Red

Snake Skin Red (Dark Red, Light Red and Black)

About the Product:

Our product is the perfect addition to any Nail Salon. The fun, cute and stunning designs, unattainable by traditional products will attract more customers and allow you to charge a premium. The quick application process means you will get them through the door faster and the long lasting and protective capabilities will ensure they keep coming back for more!


  • Professional Cut Designed for artificial nails. Cut to fit the c-line they also work as stylish singles for a perfect designer nail finish.
  • Get Nailed Designed for natural finger and toe nails. Bring extra style to any outfit.

The Sheet

Each cut is sold as a sheet, with 12 wraps on each sheet. The wraps will be the same design but will come in increasing sizes to fit the different fingers or toes. There are 12 wraps to account for different sized hands or as a backup if any errors are made during application. Each wrap can be cut further to ensure a perfect fit. Each sheet will actually do TWO complete sets of nails as each wrap can be cut in half.


The wraps are applied with heat and in conjunction with a gel or acrylic layer See How to Use for application instructions.. This ensures the wraps are attached securely to the nail, avoid pealing or curling and are long lasting. With proper applications wraps will last in excess of one month!

Because these are a wrap as opposed to a polish, general chipping and scratching from day-to-day wear is almost non-existent. Plus the wrap doubles as a protective layer to the nail, adding protection against chips and splits to the nail itself.


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Note: We are in the process of phasing out the Foot Fetish line and merging it with the Get Nailed line. After extensive testing across the US and UK we concluded this line will work just as effectively on natural finger or toe nails. This will be beneficial to our customers as you will only need to stock two lines (Professional Cut and Get Nailed) instead of three. We hope you understand our move to a more efficient and cost effective model. If you have any queries please contact us.

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