Pure Gold - Glass Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder

$5.50 AUD

Pure Gold - Glass Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder 
Description: This Gold Nailcraft nail acrylic powder is both regal and pure, a must for delicate and fine nail art creations. Whether you use it as a solid colour or to emphasize a beautiful sculpture you have carefully constructed, the result is always stunning.

We recommend using colored acrylics over acrylic or gel nails for creating beautiful nails

Extra tips on how to apply:

1. Apply the the colored acrylic powder over acrylic or gel nails as per your requirement.

2. To enhance your art work add nail art products like foils, crystals, confetti etc

3. Cover the nail with a gel or clear acrylic.

4. Now file the clear acrylic as required. This prevents abrasion from sharp particles such as glitter.

5. To seal the nail art and colour, apply a UV curable gel top coat. This also stops colours from yellowing or fading.


The colours of products in the photos may vary a little from their actual colours.

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