Light Pink Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

$15.00 AUD

Light Pink Soak-off Gel 7 gm

Description: Light Pink soak-off Gel is a subtle pink that is very similar to the skin colour under the nail which gives it a very natural look. Great for customers who want a fresh, clean natural look which is enhanced with the beautiful sheen that a gel base gives. This colour can be worn with everything, day and night just as it is. Or you can use it as a basis for any design. Because the base is so subtle all your creations will really stand out, so go ahead and really let go with all your great ideas. The nail art can be gentle and feminine, stylish or outlandish and awesome by using acrylic powders, glitter, glow in the dark or plain colours, mix and match to enhance your work. To give a really professional finish add Mylar flakes and crushed shells for extra panz.

  • are easy to apply and there is no lifting
  • safe and simple to remove
  • come in many colours with a great Glossy Finish
  • do not lift and can be removed with an Acetone based polish remover

For Professional Use 

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