Lavender Sparkle Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

$15.00 AUD

Lavender Sparkle Soak-off Gel 7 gm

Description: This is a deep lavender gel with flashes of silver, white and light lavender throughout. A noble colour, gentle but also strong. A colour for that special occasion that goes with all your blacks, purples and blue outfits. Looks grand as a French tip accessorised with some delicate rhinestones, pearls and charms. Or add a contrasting pattern, painting or sculpture using Acrylic Powders.

Easy Soak-off Gels

  • are easy to apply and there is no lifting
  • safe and simple to remove
  • come in many colours with a great Glossy Finish
  • do not lift and can be removed with an Acetone based polish remover

For Professional Use 

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