Grape Sparkle Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

$15.00 AUD

Grape Sparkle Soak-off Gel 7 gm

Description: Grape Nailcraft Soak-off Gel has flashes of silver and white highlights throughout the gel. Its a rich, royal colour with a glossy sheen characteristic of the gel finish. Mix it with your favorite gels to add style to your nail art designs and inspirations.  Beautify with adornments like decals, metal flowers and crushed shells. Or use the Nailart Acrylic Glitter Powder to make your flower sculptures and patterns. 

Soak-off Gels

  • are easy to apply and there is no lifting
  • safe and simple to remove
  • come in many colours with a great Glossy Finish
  • do not lift and can be removed with an Acetone based polish remover

For Professional Use 
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