Gold Bullion

$2.60 AUD

Gold Bullion


Gold Bullion are tiny glass pearl like beads that shimmer and glitter like real gold.  Perfect for adding a dash of sparkle or an brilliant touch to your inspired 3D nail art creations. Can be used with your acrylic powders or embedded into gel colours. Use on French tips and nail extensions to add a subtle dash of gold.


How to use:

  • Bullion can be picked up on the end of an orange stick that has been coated with polish.
  • Apply the Bullion to a nail that has a coat of wet nail polish or gel.
  • After the polish has dried add a top coat of clear nail polish or Glass Clear gel.

To get the best result use colored acrylic powders over acrylic or gel nails and be stunned by the look you have created.


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