French Pink - UV Builder Gel - 7gm

$15.00 AUD

French PInk - UV Builder Gel 7gm
Description: Nailcraft Easy UV Builder Gels

French Pink UV Builder Gel is a high quality gel that mimics the natural pink colour of the nail. Use it to strengthen nails and add length to short nails. Gel nails look so natural especially as a French tip. They are also a great base for all your creative nail art designs. 

You can also put Metallic Nail Nail wraps over a Gel and finish with Nailcraft Glass Clear Gel for a stunning, gorgeous classy result.

Builder Gels are: 

  • easy to apply and there is no lifting
  • safe and simple to remove
  • come in many colours with a great Glossy Finish
  • do not lift
For Professional Use

Application Method for UV Builder Gel

Items Required

Nail Prep


UV Builder Gel

Gel Brush

UV Light

Gel Cleanser


UV Gel Top Coat ( optional)

How to Use

Step 1

Buff the nails thoroughly to remove the natural shine.

Apply one layer of primer and let it dry. Then apply a second layer of primer.

Step 2

Using the Gel Brush apply the UV Builder Gel onto your nail. Begin at the cuticle and brush a thin layer right up to the nail tip. Use the same technique as you would use when applying nail polish. Ensure no loose brush hairs stick in the gel. If there are brush hairs, this means you are pressing too hard with the brush.

Step 3

When you have finished brushing on the gel, hold your hands under a UV light for two to three minutes, wait for the get to completely dry. Use a gel cleanser to remove and sticky residue.

Step 4

Put a drop of gel on the nail near the cuticle and slowly spread it over the entire nail from the cuticle to the nail tip as you did in step 2.

Step 5

Hold your hands again under the UV light to dry the gel and clean any residue with gel cleanser.

Step 6

Put another drop of gel on the nail and this time while spreading the gel make sure you get an even gel-like uniformity.

Step 7

Hold your hands again under the UV light to dry the gel and clean any residue with gel cleanser.

Step 8

When the gel has dried completely. Shape your nails with a nail file as per your desire.

Step 9 (optional)

For extra shine use one coat of tack free UV Gel topcoat. Dry for two minutes.


1.     While applying the gel, to avoid the nail from lifting later, make sure the gel does not come in contact with your skin.

2.     Too much gel on the nail will cause uneven curing or air bubbles to form.


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