Diamond Sparkle Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

$15.00 AUD

Diamond Sparkle Soak-off Gel 7 gm

Description: What a great sparkle this colour has, like a real Diamond it glints and glitters catching all the colours as it moves. Aqua, white, purple and silver, that give a resplendent luster to the finish that will impress. This colour can be worn with everything and will embellish all favorite outfits day and night for all occasions. As a canvas for your new nail art ideas, it provides an imposing background onto which can be added such gorgeous extras such as nail charms and nail jewels. Use the other colours in the Nailcraft Soak-off Gel range to create unique designs and patterns.

Soak-off Gels

  • are easy to apply and there is no lifting
  • safe and simple to remove
  • come in many colours with a great Glossy Finish
  • do not lift and can be removed with an Acetone based polish remover

For Professional Use 

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