Metallic Nails Nail Wrap Applications by Wendy


 Gi Jane Blue

"I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with my nail wraps and to thank Gillian for taking the trouble to call to ask how I'm going with them.  I have purchased several different sheets of wraps from metallicnails now and my friends and complete strangers comment on how great my nails look.  The range is wonderful and applying them gets easier each time.  I do my nails myself and I find they easily last a couple of weeks.  Each sheet of wraps does about 3 complete applications which makes them very economical. I have attached one pic of Gi Jane blue (not easy taking pics of your own nails) but it should give you an idea of how great they look.  Thanks for a great product".

Best wishes

Wendy Wraight.......23.4.2011

Metallic Nails Nail Wrap Applications by Donna


Chocolate with Sprinkles 

Candy Cane

"I Love the wraps and I am getting faster at application"

Body Fitness by Donna - South Australia........ 21.4.2011

Metallic Nails Nail Wrap Applications by Caddie

Cheetalicious Pink             
Cheetalicious Pink
  Back in Black

 Back in Black
"Thanks for the follow up call to see how I was going with the products, people love them and I have had many people say they lasted 3-4 weeks, I use a Shellac UV top coat to seal the edge and give an almost glass look to the finish. Attached are some different methods I have tried out on myself and used as advertising on my facebook page." 
Tans & Nails by Caddie, WA .......19.4.2011

 Metallic Nails Nail Wrap Applications -  by Jocelyn



Into the Blue


Into the Blue


Coney Island Pink


 Bubbalicious Red

Daisy Delight          

"Anyway about the wraps I have only done 5 so far but it’s only been 3 weeks since I started. In the first two pictures I only sealed them with the nail glue as recommended.  I found they started to lift on the edges by the second day.  So I thought I can’t have unhappy customers.  So I got to thinking because I do gel nails  I might try putting a gel sealer  polish over the top instead.  It worked like a treat.  It kept the wraps on without out having a rough edge (like the glue gave,not good if you wear stockings).

I just buffed the nail plate with a block nail buffer dusted off then applied the light gel sealer and under vu lamp for 2 minutes.

I also I use a heat lamp to activate the gel on the wraps I find this much less noisy and more professional.

Now I don’t have anymore unhappy customers they all love there new look. 

To remove Wraps Easily. Remove gel sealer with acetone nail polish remover then just peel off wraps with pair of tweezers and your done ready for another amazing look.

Each full set takes me under 45 minutes to achieve."

Yours truly

Jocelyn Gentle

Better Bodies Health Fitness & Beauty  Kyabram Victoria

03 58521887   0448343625


"When I used metallic nails for the first time on natural nail both my client and I loved the result but when i used them with gel nail enhancements I was worried they wouldn't last the distance but I was suprized with the results! They looked amazing and lasted for three weeks, my client recieved many complements and was very happy!"

Many thanks for introducing me to your products,
Brooke Johnstone (Owner/Manager)

Hot As ...Nail Design, Colac, Victoria



"I lurv this product and the designs.  So easy to apply, fantastic profit and the clients lurv them too. Thank you, I'm glad I found this product.  You also don't have to buy a kit or a minimum amount, so you can buy one and try it, then you'll buy more.lol."

Liz Jeffery

Magic Happens Here Salon Of Beauty, Bunbury, WA

I just wanted to thank you [TNU], for a great product its fun and trendy, my clients love the product, and what makes it so unique is that you can put gel or acrylic over them, which is great and different from MINX. I love the designs and the great custom design [TNU] did with my logo. 
Thanks again Trendy Nails and I wish many Blessing to you and your family."
God Bless KaSundra Anderson, Sol Oasis Atlanta GA; let make this a GREAT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a wonderful product! I love the fact that TNU has so many designs to choose from as well as being so versatile! I can put it on artificial nails as well as jazzing up my pedicures! My clients absolutely love it and it lasts on toenails for weeks and weeks. My manicure clients no longer ask for polish but they come in asking to be Trendy!!!"
Thank you [TNU]
A big fan of TNU,

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