How to Use - Nail Wraps - Professional Cut - Gel

Below is the guide on how to apply the Professional Cut range with Gel Extensions.

For details on all ranges, please see How to Use

Gel Application

Step 1

We’ll start with the preparation of the natural nail, using your cuticle pusher, push back the cuticle and scrape away any protein growth on the nail. Using your file, etch the natural nail and remove the surface shine. Remove dust with a cotton pad or dust brush.

Step 2

Here we will apply the nail extension tip. First, Size the tip to the nail, apply glue into the well of the tip and gently apply to the free edge of the natural nail. Trim the tip to size then blend the tip into the nail, and shape the tip. Remove the dust from the tip and natural nail.

Do not apply any product at this point

Step 3

Now we take our trendy nail sheet and size the wrap to the nail. Once the sheet is selected, roll the sheet forward and downwards to release the wrap.

Step 4

Using your index and pointer finger, hold the tip of the wrap and trim from the sheet, leaving the opposite end untouched and ready for a later application.

Step 5

Apply your chosen wrap to one side of the tip and firmly press down. Apply heat using a hair dryer from the opposite side of the wrap for 2-5 seconds. Use an on off motion while holding the clients hand to ensure they’re not hurt from the heat.

Step 6

With your thumb, firmly smooth down the wrap to the opposite side of the nail tip. Make sure not to stretch the wrap.

Step 7

Apply heat for one last time directly to the top of the wrap and smooth down with your thumbs. Again, make sure to hold the clients hand and control the heat flow.

Step 8

Using your file at a 45 degree angle, file downwards to cut the wrap at the free edge, removing excess wrap then blend the wrap into the tip.

Step 9

Using a soft grit buffer, we now buff the wrap, to remove the high gloss surface shine. This is done so the gel can adhere to the wrap. Don’t, worry, this wont damage the design as trendy nail wraps have a laminated finish that prevents this from destroying the design.

Step 10

Finally remove any dust from the nail for gel application.

Step 11

Apply a first coat of primer to the natural nail. Then apply the first layer of base coat gel, sealing the free edge and side walls of the wrap and tip. Place under UV light, and allow to cure for appropriate time.

In this example, we have applied a thin layer of frosted pink gel, which hides any imperfections in the natural nail, and gives an added effect. If you choose to do this, once again, place under UV light, and allow to cure for suitable time.

Step 12

You now apply your building gel from cuticle to tip, you need to build the product right on top of the wrap to apply strength and coverage, making sure you seal in the free edge and sidewalls. For the third time, place hand under UV light to allow the gel to cure.

Step 13

Swipe using a cleanser to remove the sticky residue.

Your nail is now ready to file and shape.

Step 14

Using your file, file the side walls and straighten the free edge to give the nail a sharp shape. Bring your file around the cuticle area to blend the product to the nail, file down the body of the nail to create a perfect arched shape.

Step 15

Buff using a soft grit buffer and swipe to remove any dust.

Step 16

Shine the nail and wrap using a final coat of gel, then cure for appropriate time under a UV light.

Step 17

For the finishing touch, coat the cuticle with cuticle oil to nourish the cuticle and natural nail. 

That’s it, your trendy nails are now ready to wear!

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