How to Use - Nail Wraps - Toes Application ( Get Nailed )


Step 1

We’ll start with the preparation of the natural nail, using your cuticle pusher, push back the cuticle and scrape away any protein growth on the nail. Using your file, etch the natural nail and remove the surface shine. Remove dust with a cotton pad or dust brush.

Step 2

Now we take our trendy nail sheet and size the wrap to the nail. Once the sheet is selected, roll the sheet forward and downwards to release the wrap.

Step 3

Using your index and pointer finger, hold the wrap and trim from the sheet, leaving the opposite end untouched and ready for a later application.

Step 4

Take your chosen wrap and size to the natural nail. Place wrap on your index finger and hold down with your thumb.

Step 5

Using scissors, trip the wrap to the exact size of the natural nail.

Step 6

Turn the wrap to the adhesive side

Step 7

Holding the wrap with your thumb and index finger, apply heat using a hair dryer for 2-5 seconds.

Step 8

Place the wrap at the cuticle, leaving a small gap between the cuticle and nail. This is important because if the wrap is sitting on skin, it may peel easily.

Step 9

Attach the wrap at the bottom of the nail first by pressing down and smoothing out with your thumb.

Step 10

Heat the top of the wrap, using the hair dryer for another 2-5 seconds. Hold the clients toe to avoid overheating.

 Step 11

Using your thumbs, firmly smooth down the wrap, evenly across the nail. Avoid stretching the wrap as this may cause lifting when the wrap moves back into shape.

Step 12

If the application is uneven, you can easily lift the wrap off the nail to readjust. Just try to touch as little of the adhesive area as possible.

Step 13

Lift the toe up to face you for clearer visibility, then trim the excess wrap from the free edge.

Step 14

Using your file, file downwards at a 45 degree angle to remove excess wrap and shape the wrap to the natural free edge.

Step 15

As an option, you can apply any nail glue to the tip of the nail to seal the wrap to the free edge. This will add strength and keep the wrap on for longer.

Step 16

For the finishing touch, coat the cuticle with cuticle oil to nourish the cuticle and natural nail. 


That’s it! Your trendy nails are ready to wear!

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