Gelons 100% Gel Nail Polish - Cutting Edge New Nail Product - Non Toxic

Gelons 100% Gel Nail Polish - Cutting Edge New Nail Art Product 

Out lasts nail polish and looks amazing

- Non Toxic - Better for your health

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    • Gelons Gel Nail Polish is a revolutionary nail product system that wears like a nail polish but is tough like gel. 
    • Gelons Gel Nail Polish System - Gelons Gel Nail Polish Basecoat and Topcoat and Colour of your choice
    • Non toxic - better for your and your clients health
    • A breakthrough formulation of 100% Gel and which is not mixed with hazardous solvents or nail polish.
    • Last for 2 to 3 weeks, do not chip and have an superb mirror like shine
    • 14 stunning colours with more to come.
    • Apply on natural nails and nail extensions for a perfect long lasting manicure and pedicure.
    • Cured in 30 seconds under LED lamp and 2 minutes under 36W UV lamp.
    • Gelons Gel Nail Polish are a brush on -  soak-off gel polish - FAST and SIMPLE soak  off in 10 minutes with acetone.
    • Only a gentle buff needed on natural nails, just to remove the shine.

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