What are Nail Wraps?

What are Nail Wraps?

Nail Wraps have been made out of many different kinds of materials over the years and are applied to the nail bed or nail tips to enhance and strengthen the nail, new innovations today have introduced new nail wraps that have endless possiblities.

Some early nail wraps were made out of fine silk cloth and which when applied looked more like natural nails. They are in fact a kind of artificial nail that also reinforces the nail. Silk wraps are still is use today and are very popular because they are thinner than other kinds of artificial nails like gel nails or acrylic nails.  However because they are thinner, this also means that they are more easily damaged, this in turn can restrict the wearer from doing certain activities.

Silk nails can be used to fix damaged nails, acting as a reinforcement that not only binds the nail together and allows it to grow, but also protects cracked or broken nails.  Silk Nail wraps are cut to the size of the nail and applied with glue. They are then buffed until they are smooth.  However, it is important to have these applied by a skilled nail technician as application can damage the nail if not done correctly.

Some other kinds of nail wrap materials are paper wraps, linen and fibre wraps and fibreglass wraps. Linen wraps also look very natural when applied, but they have a thicker look as they are not transparent, and so look more artificial than silk wraps. Fiberglass wraps are applied by cutting the fibreglass fabric to fit the nail tip or nail and then are attached using resin.

Fibre wraps are another option. They combine the best of linen and silk wraps. They give the strength of the linen and the natural, thin and transparent look of silk. These wraps are mainly used on the nail tips and help to strengthen the nail. However, they can be also used on the whole nail as they are completely safe. They are cut to size and attached in the same way as silk and linen wraps.

In Ancient Egypt, women used paper nail wraps and glue to achieve a beautiful new nail look. Today’s modern world has created a whole new range of materials; one of those has recently been used to created the latest nail wrap product. Nail wraps are now made from vinyl film and can cover the whole nail bed. The vinyl film comes with its own glue which is then simply heated and applied to the nail. The edge is then sealed with glue and a clear nail polish or gel can be applied over the top to get an amazing designer finish.

The advantage of these nails is the range of nail designs that can be printed onto the vinyl, limited only by the imagination of the producers. Wild, simple, metallic, beautiful, flamboyant or elegant designs, there are now endless possibilities. These nail wraps also protect the nails and they do not chip or scratch.  They can be applied to natural nails,( fingers and toes) or to acrylic or gel nails. Metallic Nails has a stunning range of nail art designs to choose from, you can view them all on www.metallicnails.com.au

by Metallic Nails on December 14, 2010


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