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Using our Wraps with Gel Nails



Gel Nails are one of the newer developments in the nail industry. They are a great option for those looking for quick and stylish artificial nails. They are different to acrylic nails (as explained here) and can be a little tricky to work with. We have received a few questions regarding the use of gel nails with the Trendy Nails Unlimited product range.

Here are some tips on how to apply the product with gel nails.

Firstly, you should check out our standard how to use guide as all of that process still holds. 

  1. A base coat should be applied to the nail, even if using the Get Nailed range. First put a thin layer on the nail, allow it to cure, apply the wrap as per usual and add a top layer of gel. The reason for this is gel adheres better to gel than to natural nail or other surfaces so try and make your application gel on gel.
  2. Gel has a tendency of not liking to stick to shiny, oily surfaces. This is one of the reasons having clean, dry nails is important as any oil can affect application. If you are still finding that the gel is not sticking to the wrap, try giving the wrap a bit of a buff. Do this very lightly to make sure you don’t affect the design. You can do this after you have applied the wrap but the top layer is applied. Don’t touch the top of the wrap with oily fingers after you do this!
  3. Seal to all edges. The goal when applying any TNU wrap is to seal it to all edges. Yes, this means sides, bottom and top. For the top you should try wrapping the top coat all the way around so it seals completely. Pull back the skin from the sides and bottom when doing the top layer so you can get that little space to seal it in. This will prevent pealing and chipping.

Use these tips to achieve stunning metallic nail finishes with gel nails.


by Metallic Nails on July 16, 2010


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