Manicure Care and Protection

You’ve just got yourself a new set of metallic nails. You can’t stop looking at them and a cheeky smile appears every time someone mentions them. The last thing you want is for them to get damaged. While the metallic nails range actually strengthens nails and prevents chipping and scratching compared to a regular manicure, but nails are still nails and improper care and treatment of your metallic nails can lead to less than desirable effects.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your manicure in shape is to protect it. A little conscious thinking goes along way.

To start with, don’t use your nails as tools. These are finger nails not hammer and nails – we don’t dig holes for water anymore! By refraining from prying things open all the time you will prevent damage to the tips of your nails that has the potential to expand later on. You should also not expose your manicures to extreme temperatures (especially hot!). If you’re taking a steaming hot bath, don’t keep your nails soaked in the hot water. Avoid direct contact to chemicals such as cleaning solutions and when gardening or doing the dishes, wear gloves.

To extend the length of your manicure its a good idea is to apply a clear top coat layer every week or so. This will reinforce the existing top coat and will prevent form peeling and chipping. The frequency of this will really depend on how you treat your nails, but if you start to see a lift or chip you should do this sooner rather than later.

Cuticle care is another important factor to healthy nails and a great looking manicure. There are a number of products out there to help with this. You are looking for an alpha-hydroxy acid based lotion that will help exfoliate and remove the cuticle area. Use daily.

And we all know you can’t exfoliate without moisturising.  Washing your hands, using antibacterial lotion and daily chores will dry out your cuticles. To help retain moisture, you should moisturise every time you wash your hands and other times throughout the day (especially before bed). Try to moistures within 3 minutes of washing your hands. Using a standard moisturiser is better than nothing, but there are a range of cuticle specific moisturises and oils available for best looking effect.

Use these tips to keep your hands looking fresh and your metallic nails shining for longer!

by Metallic Nails on May 26, 2010


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