A Quick Guide to Managing Nail Fungus

Almost everyone gets nail fungus. It’s one of those things that we, as humans, have to deal with. You are however at greater risk of developing fungi if you wear artificial nails over your real nails. Some think that this isn’t so, because they can’t see the fungi after they have applied artificial or acrylic nails. This is not true. Acrylic nails will only hide the fungus, but they will not stop it from growing.

The good news is that nail fungus is completely treatable. The first step if you feel you are starting to see some of the symptoms of nail fungus is to consult your physician or dermatologist. 

Symptoms include:

  • Have a yellow, brownish discoloration, starting at the end of the fingernail and working its way back underneath.

  • May become so thick that they are hard to trim, causing pain and tenderness that disrupts daily activities, such as walking as well as putting on socks or shoes.

  • Look like they have little white or black patches.

  • Get flaky, brittle, and chipped.

  • The nails may smell bad.

  • Collect or debris underneath.

  • Little bumps may appear that look like they have small pus pockets.

It is important to know what you are dealing with and that you are applying the correct treatment. There are some other disorders that may display similar characteristics as nail fungi thus expert opinion is advisable.  

The treatment of nail fungus is quite simple. There are natural remedies that include plants such as tea tree oil (a great option as it also has anti bacterial properties). Most come in topical preparation. There are the standard prescription options and in more severe cases, you may be required to remove you artificial nails to let it clear up.

The easiest way to avoid nail fungus is proper care of your nails and proper application of the artificial nails. This means having them applied by a trained, experienced and knowledgeable professional. If you look after your nails, you should be fine. But nail fungus can be a real issue so it’s always wise to keep an eye out.  


by Metallic Nails on May 11, 2010


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